Painting Feathers

Room 5 has been working with Miss Tan (student teacher)  to make feathers for a class Korowai. We learnt about how feathers protect and keep birds safe, and how they come in all different shapes and sizes. Just like us, we are all unique, come in different shapes and sizes and we as room 5 will keep each other safe and protect each other.

We learnt about colour mixing, primary and secondary colours, and warm and cool colours with paint. It was challenging but fun!

One thought on “Painting Feathers

  1. Room 5. I love the coluurs that you have all used to do you painting. I am sure that you had fun learning a new skill. I loved how you were learning about primary and secondary colours as you made them. The end result looks really beautiful. I wonder what would happen if you painted 2 secondary colours together. That would make a really interesting leaf.
    Thankyou for sharing your cool work, I cant wait to see some more of what you are learning this term.
    Mrs Tipelu Room 7

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