Maui Stops the Sun

Maui had to stop the sun because the sun was going too fast and the people couldn’t get anything done.

We used pastels and dye to make our Suns. We had to put Maori patterns like koru / spirals on our Sun. We had to have the sun in the middle and two things on the side, mountains or trees.

I thought it was easy because I like colouring and drawing. – Davina
I was worried when we put the dye on the sun, I thought we wouldn’t be able to see the sun, but I was surprised. – Mikah
It was a little tricky because my hand started to hurt after colouring for so long. – Thalha

2 thoughts on “Maui Stops the Sun

  1. Kia Orana Room 6,
    Your Suns are bright and colourful. We have used pastels to talk about our family the biggest koru was our parents and then our siblings. We agree all the colouring was hard work.
    Room 1
    Hay Park School

  2. Kia Orana Room 1
    Thank you for the lovely comment, we would love to see your pastel art on your blog. We will go and visit your blog and check out your mahi.
    From Room 6
    New Windsor School

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