Why school is important?

5 thoughts on “Why school is important?

  1. Faka lofa lahi atu Room 1 and 3,
    We enjoyed watching your video on why school is important. We agreed with your reasons, making new friends and having fun. Learning is also a great reason to be at school. It is great to learn at school because you can have experiences like the volcano.
    Fakaaue Room 10
    May Road School

  2. Kia Ora

    I like how the post is about why school is important.
    I watched your film because I think school is important because you can learn cool stuff.
    I liked how you put voice overs on what you were learning.
    Keep up the good work

    Kia Ora

    I liked how you said school is very important and I agree with you.
    I have chosen to watch this film because I like school and I think it is important.
    I like how you guys said bye and the end of the film.
    Kai Pai

  3. Fakaalofa lahi atu,
    We like how the classes all participated. You have an awesome playground. We started making a movie but we ran out of time to finish. Maybe next year. You picked some great music.
    Room 2 and Mrs Patel
    Hay Park School

  4. Talofa lava
    I like your film about school It is important that your right about school is important my favourite thing about school is that we get to learn and listen to new things keep it up at school bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Malo e lei lei

    It’s a very good movie and it’s great how you guys show why school is important. Keep up the great work

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