Colour Run Fun Fundraiser!

We have been waiting for ages for this day. So much fun! We started off clean and dry and ended up wet and colourful. Not only did we get sprinkled with colour but we ran through snow as well! Imagine snow in Auckland! We also had a great game of Red Light, Green Light at the end of the race. We’re sure the teachers had more fun than us squirting us with water guns if we moved. Topped off with iceblocks at the end and balloons to take home…what a wonderful way to end a week and start the weekend.

Structured Literacy

In room 4 we love learning through our structured literacy activities. We are learning  draw and talk about things that are important to us whether it be our families or topics that are important to us in our shared reading books.

We are extending our brains by using our memory skills and we work really well together with our friends to spot similarities and differences.

We have really enjoyed book week and all the activities around our school.

Digital Learning

Room 4 has recently started experimenting with trying to make our own movie based on our puppet shows. The children have been working in small groups to make their own shows. Some of the children have chosen songs or very simple story lines such as going to the park. We are learning to be confident, work collaboratively and utilise our new skills such as how to film each other using the ipad