NZ Police visits Room 3

We had a surprise visit from the NZ Police. Manpreet & Mike popped into room 3 to wish Axar on his birthday. Axar’s dream is to be a policeman.

The students were thrilled to have police people in the classroom. A lot of questions were asked- do you have a gun? How do you catch people? do you have a laser(taser)?


Last week was Friendship week at New Windsor School.

In Room 4 we spent time learning and discussing: What does it mean to be a good friend?

The children had some fantastic ideas and thoughts around this topic. We decided that treating our friends nicely and with kindness was important!

We made friendship bracelets in class to show our friends how much they mean to us.

The children used great care and attention to make their bracelets for their chosen friends.

We look forward to making many new friends throughout our time at school!

Te wiki o Whakahoahoa/ Friendship week in Room 2

Kia ora whānau, and welcome to our Pōtiki blog! This year, the Junior team will be working collaboratively on our newly created team blog site to keep on sharing our learning journey. We are delighted to get started, and hope that you are too.

This week, New Windsor School is celebrating Friendship Week. As a result, Room 2 has been learning about whakahoahoa/ friendship, and how to be kind to each other. Today, we listened and reacted to the story of the Rainbow Fish.

We had a really interesting discussion about how what we say and do can impact how other people are feeling, and about how we need to be careful not to hurt someone else. We wondered how the Rainbow Fish was feeling throughout the story, and we used Jamboard to record our ideas as a class. We thought it would be worth sharing our finished product with our classmates, friends, and whānau.


When asked what today’s story was teaching us, the students in Room 2 replied:

The Rainbow Fish was telling us to be kind and to listen to each other.” – Durva

Don’t be mean to others, ever.” – Raneem

You should try share something, instead of always keeping everything for yourself or you will not have any friends.” – Charlotte

Always be kind to others.” – Kacy

If you want something, don’t snatch it from the other person. Gently ask them.” Williami

Treat people the way you want to be treated.” – Aaliyah

We can’t make other people sad, it is not nice and we can do better than that.” – Gemma

Don’t be mean to anyone. If you see someone being mean to someone else, tell that person that it is friendship week, and ask the other person if they are OK.” – Ammara

Be kind to someone else, be helpful, and help each other.” Angela

What about you, how can you be kind to someone this week?

There are still 3 days left before the end of friendship week, and something tells me that there are a lot of other hanga/ create activities still to be done… Stay tuned!