Room 2’s film festival entries

Angela is teaching us about butterflies:



Williami is sharing his learning about bees:


Aaliyah and Annie worked collaboratively to share their bee story with their audience:


Kacy and Angela are collaboratively sharing their learning about bees: 


Williami and Tejasvin’s creative pencil story:

3 thoughts on “Room 2’s film festival entries

  1. Kia ora Room 2! These are absolutely amazing videos and I loved seeing Kacy’s and Angela’s bee movie at the Film Festival. Room 6 at Panmure Bridge School has been inspired by your work and is intending to emulate your video in the next couple of weeks. Keep up the awesome learning!
    From your Friends in Room 6 at Panmure Bridge School.

  2. Ka pai Room 2! I love the way you used your Explain everything skills for your animations. I agree with Matua Matt, it was fun seeing Kacy and Angela’s film at the cinema. I especially like how everyone spoke with a nice clear voice. Keep up the awesome mahi!

  3. Amazing details about butterflys I never knew that they had 4 wings and same with the bees details I love them too

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