Structured Literacy

In room 4 we love learning through our structured literacy activities. We are learning  draw and talk about things that are important to us whether it be our families or topics that are important to us in our shared reading books.

We are extending our brains by using our memory skills and we work really well together with our friends to spot similarities and differences.

We have really enjoyed book week and all the activities around our school.

One thought on “Structured Literacy

  1. Hi there room 4. I love your drawing of things that are improtant to you. I can see lots of people drew their families. I am sure that there was lots of talking go on around why they are important. I think I would find it hard to just pick one thing as there are some many things that are important to me. I wonder if you would be brave enough to share some of the things with another class. Ka Pai on a good activity, Looking forward to seeing more things that you are learning.
    Mrs Tipelu room 7

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