Scooter Day- Room 4

Today was scooter day at New Windsor School. The children really enjoyed bringing their scooters to school. We learned how to use our scooters safely. We had lots of fun!!

We need to wear our helmets when we go scootering!

We need to be careful around driveways.

We need to look out for cars and people.

We need to keep ourselves safe.



2 thoughts on “Scooter Day- Room 4

  1. Kia Ora Room 4,
    It looks like you had a lot of fun on Scooter Day. I thought about you while it was happening and wished I could join you. Your teacher has been very clever with the way she has put the photos together. Do you think she will tell me her secret?
    Tanya Mundy
    Ako Hiko EPL

  2. Namaste Room 4, we remember scooter day. Lemar remembers going around the cones. Lots of us remember going to the crossing and having to look both ways. It was a wonderful day.
    Room 5

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